Explore the Council’s resources for managing a sustainable farm, from the best sustainable blueberry farming practices to providing crisis communication.

Commitment To Sustainability

USHBC and its growers have a strong commitment to sustainability and managing blueberry fields in the most environmentally responsible manner. Many of our growers live and work on their farms, making sustainability and environmental stewardship a way of life. Ways they put sustainability in action include water saving irrigation practices, integrated pest management practices, energy conservation, and other conservation efforts. There are many issues facing blueberry production today, from invasive pests to stubborn soil diseases-and many opportunities to expand our production, improve fruit quality, and identify specific health benefits of our blueberries. Research plays a vital role in developing solutions, supporting sustainability of blueberry farms across North America, and bringing our healthful berries to consumers.

How We're Growing Your Business

Good Agricultural Practices

Getting GAP certified ensures that your produce meets food safety standards and expands the number of sales opportunities there are for your product.

Prepare For A Crisis

From pest management to soil disease, the Council’s research can help you prepare for issues that could threaten fruit quality.

Support A Healthy Environment

Environmentally friendly farms help to create sustainable farming practices for future farmers and further support the great reputation of this healthy berry.

Good Agricultural Practices

The USHBC supports the blueberry industry in earning and maintaining market confidence through the Good Agricultural Practices program. Getting your business GAP certified ensures that you’re following the best food safety practices, and can give you access to wholesale opportunities that an un-certified farm wouldn’t have.

Issues Response

From pest management to soil disease, the Council’s research and resources can help you prepare for issues that could threaten fruit quality.

Sustainable Resources

Importance of Food Safety

Contaminated blueberries can make your customers sick. Click here to read our brochure on the importance of food safety. Get copies for your farm by contacting the USHBC.


Access a complete guide to the Food Safety Modernization Act.

Spotted Wing Drosophila

Spotted Wing Drosophilia has spread throughout the world and the continental USA very rapidly. Click for management practices and more information.

Grower Training Program

The Grower Training program is designed to prepare you for your Good Agricultural Practices certification. Click here to browse the course.

Food Safety Plan Builder

An FDA tool designed to assist you in developing a food safety plan that is specific to your facility and meets the requirements of the Preventive Controls for Human Food rule.

Blueberry Technology Symposium

Held in March 2018, the Blueberry Technology Symposium in Salt Lake City, UT helped establish some best practices when it came to technology advances. Click on the link below for more information.

Behind the Blue Playbook

Access downloadable and digital resources on the U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council’s offerings, for use in local meetings and presentations.

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Export Database

Access complete international market data, including information on trade agreements and regulations.


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