Behind the Blue Playbook

What does the USHBC do for your region? Explore our playbook of resources detailing what the Council does for blueberry growers in the Americas, including printable and digital resources!

Present The Playbook

The USHBC provides in-depth research and executes campaigns across multiple target audiences to support the health of the blueberry industry. Download our presentation resources recapping the council’s work, perfect for board meetings, local council meetings, and other industry events.

Printable Fact Sheet

The USHBC does extensive work driving demand for blueberries and researching these little blue dynamos to support the industry. Download our printable fact sheet on how our core programs help grow farms throughout the nation.

Share The Video

Hear from leaders of the U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council, blueberry growers, and industry allies on how the Council is creating a positive image and driving demand for blueberries.

Big Wins

In 2018, we were able to reflect on all the great happenings for the year. Learn more about the "big wins" of each of our departments - from the great success of our Postively Bluetiful campaign to gaining access in new international markets.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the USHBC different from the NABC? What are the annual fees the USHBC collects used for? Get succinct, easy-to-share answers to growers most pressing questions about the council.

The USHBC focuses on market development and research activities that support the US highbush blueberry industry. The NABC advocates for the industry with government decision makers. See other services where the NABC goes above and beyond

If you produce or handle more than 2,000 pounds of blueberries annually, then you are required to pay a certain sum to the USHBC. This money goes to support all of our programs to benefit the entire industry, enabling us to accomplish more than any one business could alone.

If you produce organic fruit or quantities under 2,000 pounds, you may be eligible for exemption. Be sure to fill out the appropriate exemption forms.

Our funding goes to support the blueberry industry in five core areas: consumer programs, health research, sustainability programs like GAP and Crisis Communication, export programs to open new international markets, and food tech programs.

You can stay informed and get involved by checking our website and signing up for the regular newsletter, and attending regular meetings. Find the next meeting here.

The USHBC meets bi-annually in Spring and Fall. You can find the location of the next meeting or download minutes from any previous meetings on our website.