The U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council (USHBC) funds research studies that are based on sound science and are conducted by autonomous researchers at well-established institutions using rigorous research methodology. All publications of research studies are written by and submitted to peer-reviewed journals by the researcher, independent of the USHBC.

The Blueberry Council’s health research includes projects on heart health, cognitive aging and insulin sensitivity, and other benefits that help make blueberries the favorite choice of consumers. This research establishes the health benefits of blueberries with doctors, nutritionists, fitness experts and other influencers.

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How We're Growing Your Business

Providing Resources For Influencers

USHBC's health research provides health professionals and spokesperson with a reliable source of data to better understand the role blueberries may play in promoting good health. This encourages them to recommend blueberries to their audiences, and lead to purchases.

Expanding The Health

Funding research into the health benefits of blueberries establishes these little blue dynamos as a crucial part of a balanced diet, ultimately increasing consumption.

Maintaining Blueberries’
Healthy Reputation

Consumers love fruit, but blueberries have unique qualities and health benefits that make them shine. Health research helps maintain blueberries reputation and gives them the competitive edge.

Blueberries Get American Heart Association® Heart-Check Certified

Part of the USHBC’s efforts to maintain the Blueberry Health Halo is being certified as a heart healthy food by the American Heart Association®. Contact Joanne Tehrani at [email protected] to learn more about getting your business certified.

Health Research Resources

Health Research

The research library contains scientific research papers that provide more details on the role that highbush blueberries may play in promoting good health.

Publications of USHBC-Funded Studies

See a list of published, USHBC-funded scientific studies highlighting the role blueberries may play in promoting good health.

Dietitian Outreach at FNCE

Part of the USHBC’s efforts to maintain the Blueberry Health Halo is dietitian outreach. For an example of these efforts, learn more about our presence at the Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo.

Health Research Sheet

Blueberries make an impact on cardiovascular health, insulin response, brain health, and more! Get the latest information on the health benefits of blueberries, in a bite-sized format.