Food Tech

Food Tech

Encouraging the use of blueberries in manufactured foods is an exciting sales opportunity for fresh, frozen, dried and liquid fruit.

This work includes providing technical assistance for ingredient solutions along with website and email campaign communications with food manufacturers. The Council also provides ongoing U.S.-based ad and publicity campaigns and presence at industry trade shows in the U.S. and internationally. Our staff has represented you in the blueberry industry for more than 20 years, with a presence in countries including India, Latin America, SE Asia, South Korea, and Taiwan. This work opens up new sales opportunities for growers' fruit.

How We're Growing Your Business


Blueberries in manufactured goods increases demand for blueberries among food tech manufacturers, an important market. It also increases demand among consumers by encouraging them to buy more products that use blueberries, like muffins, energy bars, and yogurts!

New Sales

We have been representing the blueberry industry at trade shows in the U.S. and internationally to inspire food manufacturers to make products that optimize blueberries and assist with product formulation.

Encouraging Blueberries’ Use In New Products

Blueberry waffles and blueberry yogurt are old family favorites, but the USHBC goes beyond the basics in our manufacturer campaigns to encourage blueberries in new types of products, even dog food and cosmetics!

Food Tech Resources

Resources for Manufacturers

Click here to browse materials available to food tech manufacturers interested in blueberries.

Online Supplier Database

Join our online list of blueberry suppliers. This will allow you to share your contact information, farm name, and more! Fill out the form here!

Blueberry Suppliers Guide

We make it as easy as possible for food service organizations to find a local farm and purchase blueberries. Click here to access an online list of blueberry suppliers, including contact information, farm names, and more!

Behind the Blue Playbook

Access downloadable and digital resources on the U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council’s offerings, for use in local meetings and presentations.

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Export Database

Access complete international market data, including information on trade agreements and regulations.


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