The U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council’s consumer campaigns focus on driving consumer demand and increasing blueberry consumption.

The Council’s consumer campaigns drive consumer demand, ultimately strengthening the blueberry industry and farms across the nation. These campaigns include the Positively Bluetiful campaign, as well as outreach to restaurants, schools, and other food service organizations inspiring them to use blueberries in their menus and prepared meals. The Council partners with health professionals and celebrity spokespeople to engage consumers and keep blueberries top of mind and front of carts.

How We're Growing Your Business

Reaching New

According to the USDA, blueberries saw a 600% increase in per capita consumption from 1994 to 2014 – more than any other fruit or vegetable studied.


Campaigns to increase consumer awareness and demand, 365 days a year, 3 times a day, improve the value of U.S. blueberries, strengthening the entire industry.


The Council funds extensive research and marketing. The collective strength of the USHBC allows this to increase demand for blueberries nationwide, benefiting all members.

Understanding The Blueberry Consumer

The Council's consumer insights data and market research empowers growers and marketers to understand the consumption of blueberries in the U.S., and use that data to further support their own businesses.

Keeping Blueberries In
The Media

USHBC celebrity and health professional spokespeople speak with the media to share stories of the health benefits, versatility and taste of blueberries to encourage people to consume more blueberries!

Generating Great

The U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council's consumer campaigns to drive blueberry consumption create positive publicity for blueberries, supporting their tasty, healthy reputation.


The Council's Positively Bluetiful campaign is a consumer campaign of monumental proportions. We're driving demand for blueberries from USHBC member farms in a multitude of ways, including: digital advertising campaigns, social media marketing, email campaigns, health and celebrity spokespeople, and our consumer website with recipes and tips. This campaign is designed to reach consumers all year long, providing ongoing support and growth to the blueberry industry.


Consumer Resources

Which Consumers Have the Most Impact on Sales?

All of the USHBC’s efforts work together to make consumers fall in love with these little blue dynamos. And they’re working! An exciting 75% of Americans report being on the path to purchasing blueberries or a blueberry product.

Retail Sales Data

The latest market research on fresh and frozen blueberry sales compared with other fruits. This summarizes findings from four years' worth of retail sales data from Nielsen.

Getting Blueberries On School Menus

Parents everywhere want to make sure their kids are getting nutritious, filling meals. Blueberries are part of a balanced diet, and we make sure schools know how easy it is to put blueberries on their lunch menu!

Who Are Your Consumers?

Click here for the USHBC’s infographic breaking down which consumers our campaigns are targeting, and who the people buying your blueberries are!

Inspiring Chefs To Cook With Blueberries

The Council works with chefs from large restaurant chains to give them inspiration, menu concepts and the hands-on training they need to use blueberries in their menus, and emphasize the benefits these little dynamos can add to both familiar and exotic dishes.

The Packer Fresh Trends 2019

Since 1983, The Packer has sponsored 35 major consumer studies to track trends in the purchases and consumption of fresh produce. Read more about their findings on blueberries!

Behind the Blue Playbook

Access downloadable and digital resources on the U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council’s offerings, for use in local meetings and presentations.

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Export Database

Access complete international market data, including information on trade agreements and regulations.


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